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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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up a live report >> : calling party turn deadly uc-berkeley student cheating month cold morning a warm nor weaken ahead and play what to expect an forecast >> : saw some of the sixth learned the lesson that in sitting around up early. none well rested and play at than of the following back the extra hour of sleep. >> : the load said outside polyclitus guys out there most i'll stop and not really impact thing in terms of whether it's up for the back like a cloud cover keeping the adventures of nicholas i off to about mid 40's across the bay area right now few sections here in a and looking for most it's an afternoon of deal lot of upper 60's and 70's
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on get terribly warm us uncomfortable step in an offshore winds starting tomorrow and that means i'm warm temperatures going forward warm things up a few degrees every day to about there's there's so max out heist and the low 80s. all be nice to enjoy the warm weekend after that full details coming up on a complete check the 615 and for now will be temperatures looking at the silly got their start and project on especially if it hopes will " but look coming start off with the morning at san francisco getting busy now is expected. not the 6:00 hour let's run starting to the back of the maze. activated those lights 20 minutes ago is still moving very well on the bridge and on the disk drive times between 1012 minutes from the oakland a's the ententes of francisco usual going for west bend for coming out and
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stepping toward concord 580 west a littleggish rv of mount for livermore dublin. that's expected. so loud and clear in the south bay and no prospects of the north bay. >> : firefighters caught a grudge fire in concord a lot of the scene with more on what happens >> : fire departments still here tosspots a little bit of the issue of was the get that out and then lessee bears find out what causes fire suspicious in nature three people from two kids 613 years old harness some sleep to dogs started barking the consomme and now that the windows see is a man walking away from the house short time after that the fire started in the garage area. max to get out safely in back rent out the back that loving neighbors should told me a couple meth to go off
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camera neighbors tried run into the front and shoe here issued a screaming ago when. no one was hurt. damage it did to this house destroyed it. a little are the four disinvesting years. the news and never drawn to the fire started here and only state >> : love fire department here for pre of trepidation fun
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on the purse for coming up >> : and if you think it's cold here check out the weather in maine. speed snow will have details on whether there and weather the in the area had
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>> : live look here over the warmup creek. 46 degrees right now i should be nice afternoon after a cold start by 71 to >> : ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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a remote that lives more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal. bringing media and technology together for you. the compact to con 4 morning news tracking of couples slow spots out there nothing too bad. we are getting overturned big rig
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eastbound 580 brand line. ran off the road on the shoulder line asylum find drivers trapped inside some clear is on the case on the shoulder for now not a hot spot nothing blocks no rate major delays and counter to egyptian keeping an eye on this. the westbound rise in been slow on the onslaught and the livermore all wasted up and drive time holding 30 a minute for the average for this morning. gigot to me and the south bay slow traffic 101 north on to the the crash wraping up on the shoulder. stop and go sue the seen all the weights of the bay parkway. still about 40 minutes coming out of southbound toward sfo. >> : six tennis tomorrow midterm election not turning winners and all the house districts and 36 overseas. turnout is expected in the low. only about 40 percent nationwide.
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the election was in the majority now the democrats treat early polling and four republicans have the opportunity to seize control both house of representatives and u.s. sens it set all this coming the lowest approval ratings in congress in 20 years >> : was a with us a fall election coverage tomorrow atm and following the race for california governor as well as the races for the mayor seat in oakland's san jose >> : also the senate majority will show the full coverage right here on the evening news and o'clock website news website and of course the recap once the morning right here for a morning news >> : weather forecast chile's start early sunrise here this morning nice weather forecast the tells what to expect for a week had >> : 620 deeply emotional farewell from brittany
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passing away over the weekend with terminal brain cancer >> : 625 following drew's scare hundreds of passengers more on the abandon ship >> :
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feet of snow falling in
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parts of maine lot of anger 15 in. of snow others reporting 21 in.. knocking on power 30,000 customers trade and the governor there declaring state of emergency power utilities there declaring system of emergency to the damage. next a lot better. >> : our weather is a lot better produce some precipitation is said to see snow but doesn't look like weren't knew that. we did see snow last friday and a lot of the resort's 10 seen that and they open up november 21st. >> : we see what happens with that look at the picture is ahead and coming up a little bit. some on the ground and awfully more on this make no storm systems heading our way for the next seven days at forecast coming up for us what was happening right now
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we have mount tam showing clear sky mostly clear over the bay area. his ability to fantastic temperatures chile livermore 43 degrees look out at nappa airport upper 30's 38 last i checked. keep an eye on them for you starting to see thirties' in protective dollars and under 46 mid-40s san jose 44 santa rosa. i'll san francisco although a degree cooler than must check at 52 temperatures dropping a touch here approaching sunrise 15 minutes. here is where we were wider. satellite radar instability out there still pacific northwest portions of northern california. still getting rain all part of that same weather on friday. difference is we don't get any of that coming later on today for the rest leave high pressure building temperatures mild perfectly clear skies this afternoon with eyes upwards of 75 degrees for south bay mostly the and low '70's 75
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on a map the evergreen a search for than that. east bay forecast and banalize looking at low seventies for the most part. upper 60s east bay shoreline oakland downtown 71 degrees 7 cisco's 67 financial district one couple degrees cooler ocean beach 65 there in north bay again for low '70's. in and valleys a matter where you are low seventies today mostly clear skies and looking at the frequent forecast year bond had net seven this mild weather and sunshine in the afternoon temperatures clerical warming heading for thursday and unties upwards to 80 degrees. not bad enough that all actually. out there and enjoy. on the traffic now see how that are not battered as >> : wheat hacked our hot spot for a and senseless the talk about right in 7 cisco have your now the lights come back up in the date is odd going on a 580. almost a 24 ft. the good news you have
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to worry about any crashes and still moving well across the bridge. so getting from the east bay 92 looks fantastic crowded yes but still a good ride between 11. on a minute and you're pro-choice and because more traffic there on the right- hand side of the screen checking right across the golden gate problem free throw the morning and myself as a stow drive time only 21 minute from nevada heading out toward downtown. westbound 80 of mill valley road minor crash not a hot spot no injury already has traffic slowed for coming up for hercules back up highway for also some traffic heading to the it was bound side and your approach the title to working away and happening today chp sean harrington feel that the ceiling to as a virus from a cell phone and said to be arraigned this morning. police say the woman were we're aware that that looked
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to the fund tested new compromising position pictures of them to his own >> : investigators say he told them this was a game. he and some other officers played chp says dust us about allegations >> : san francisco woman and diagnostic terminal brain cancer of the heated right to die movement as her lead over the weekend. want to die with dignity and planned her own death was additives suffering till end. here are some of the file video >> : #comes along and it today's past i love my family as so proud of me and the choices i made >> : since july 1st it's he's getting worse. that's what happens when you're terminally ill and you get
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sicker sigurd >> : was recently most terrifying sight of seizures a week or so ago. i it was unusual because i to in the day. terms of looking at my husband stays at one point thinking i know this is my husband's but i can't say his name >> : and of corn to a hospital for that one. has been a great man. got him to have a family is now part of me that wants him to live out the rest of his life just missing his wife new line hope he moves on and becomes a father >> : eccles quite simple and must boil down to my family and friends >> : making sure they all know how important they are to meet and how much i love
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them. >> : able to realize perjuries before she passed away last week she will visit the crash and the grand canyon. she was 29 years old >> : people had been between action set the of the decision on kron terms over the weekend a look at some of those people say one person within a sadness for brittany heartbreaking said after young woman forced make that decision. another is a person people calling party break for committing suicide people on both sides of the issue are still treating about >> : possibly think about the story to address the kron 4 or going to art home page at later comments >> : coming up after the break >> :
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miami. to celebration shoes is set saturday today canceled looking at the boats and seen them >> : daylight savings time and attention water restrictions at san jose residence but not much more simple for you feel you feel rested for you >> : they had to cut the water used as 20 percent part of the with the main trend lower sections: of the time and thinking that will help start now residents contend water plants before 10:00 a.m. or after to you but the sprinklers you can use before 10 have to wait after 8:00 p.m. to sprinkler the change is expected both helping the environment and water bill >> : outdoor water usage the highest million watter people use. when they see on their bill how to the concerts that it's the first place really cut down on water usage >> :
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are all watter calls for this season but even so restrictions will remain in place >> : and this morning and more people being evicted from their rented homes and apartments across the nation this on rents are up 7% in the last year and comes only 1.8% making it harder for people to afford the housing payments of the year to pay rent as a number one reason for veterans are poor show to other veterans are happening by and large converting low-income housing to attract higher rents >> : rise on wall street after wild month dow over a thousand points in coming its way back up a new record high end and the month of october here are the numbers with the dow s&p record high >> : coming up 195 down 17,00390. october 16th is the 100117
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crew saw climb of 100 points in two weeks the line watching wallstreet >> : coming up man performed death that define what is between skyscrapers as again show you how he did this once >> : first time since 2010 average on of gas in the united states below $3 a gallon >> : of tell you where you can find here in the bay area coming up and a lot report >> : live look outside the full shot of the golden gate bridge traffic free like there will be right hey john, check it out.
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>> reporter: the tunnel where you are it could be awfully timmy this morning. 45 for oakland and san jose. santa rosa this morning is 44 degrees so yes it will cope-that's it will be cold to start. stay in the upper 60s in mid 60s along the
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coast. here is what looks like all the wide perspective. continuing rain before nor would. i'll have your seven that around the bay forecast. >> reporter: out of the east peat web cam a nighttime total was no on the ground. --snow on the ground. >> reporter: we do have to slow traffic and some minor crashes that continue to back up traffic. a cruise is still on the scene dealing with a minor crash no injuries. was to get through the scene the you stopping the traffic all the way down toward the maze. we're also
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watching it a minor incident at 238. is going to slow you down if you're coming out from the valley. even when you get through it toward the medics' freeway. that continues all week out through fremont. a quick check no major hot spots no. 101 that is still wrapping up and is still very minor. it is a little extra heavy for you. we get through downtown sunnyvale is looking pretty good at it opened up. 54 minutes from 85101 split. >> reporter: get used to lower gas prices. we are seeing the lowest prices do we have seen in over four years and could keep dropping. i just filled up
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yesterday and i did not really noticed i did not have a heart attack. >> reporter: look happy it from where we are at. it was 2010 and this really it has been four years since we have seen gas prices this low. the national average is at $2.98. since 2010 december of 2010. since the last fall that. under $3 a gallon on san pablo. in mill valley. it is great news for folks who are out there came the come. what are you want to pay for a gallon of gas across the state and across according to look to place the national average of $2.90
6:34 am
california is at $3.30 sounds high but that is down 38 said. 38¢ in the last month. 328 and san jose. i talked to some people out here this morning but i had to ask even though it was a dumb question. 297 a gallon to $5 down you can have for a quarter of a tank. >> reporter: not that we are complaining to why our gas prices so low a lot has to do with oil prices right now oil is dropping $20 down per barrel. is going to keep prices stabilize right now. that is why we are
6:35 am
starting to see what is the way out in anybody's complaining. >> reporter: the four people were killed in a boating accident on saturday they sat down with the life and love was of one of the victims. for more than five decades the runcie's crabbing and fishing. people were not wearing life jackets and it flipped over after a sneak away get them. four people died including sale. judy says she spoke with the lone survivor. he said he did not see her husband anywhere. he was not there last night it was hard on me and the dog. i was in bed by
6:36 am
myself it was really hard. he was a big part of my life. >> reporter: they plan no cremating his body in spreading the ashes in the sea. >> reporter: they're dealing with their fifth homicide at home in west oakland a man died in a shooting. on saturday night a man was shot in for the convenience store. three other homicides happen in san antonio neighborhood the third case of road rage killing. the killing on 98th avenue. >> reporter: in one sentence is a little good some people what to the hospital will tell you what it was that made them sick and a new beginning in new york city the world trade center
6:37 am
opens today for business. take a lively here a few cards very like a mute so far right now. no model is 46 degrees make it all went so 51 this afternoon.
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>> reporter: welcome back. let's take a look at some drive times. if you have to travel all highway for making that trip was bound no major crash is coming up in antioch heading toward concord that would take about 31 minutes. which is the average for the 6:00 hour is a 70 minute trip to the south about 680 if you're coming out of dublin is only 17 minutes. the typical slowdown for 580 west are for
6:41 am
the last couple hours there's no major clashes the west on 580 commute 52 minutes from the onslaught to dublin. we at earlier delays that is clear and on schedule. >> reporter: 13 years after the 911 tear attacked the world trade center opens for business this morning. 3000 more are moving later. it replaces the original world trade center it took over eight years because nearly $4 billion. >> reporter: we are seeing some unsettled whether offshore will answer that question in just a moment.
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>> reporter: the cause of fighting climate change that will not take steps to reduce greenhouse gas. it is more certain than before that the planet is warming and humans are the cause. the author wrote climate change severe pervasive and irreversible impacts of people and the ecosystem. >> reporter: the wall for test this week. >> reporter: and is pretty nice
6:45 am
and is the bay area at a nice little warming trend. we're off to a nice clear start this morning. the golden gate bridge not much in the way of clouds it looks beautiful out there it is crisp. 44 in santa rosa 45 for the bottle and apple. it is chilly out there especially in the north bay near vallejo. it will be a mild day we will have some wet weather along the california coast would just fine. ride around 60 below to mid-60s by noon the upper 60s and low 70's and land by 3:00 p.m.. looking for about 71 in
6:46 am
fairfield 72 in the the more 17 san jose we will get very far into the 7734 napa said this is the downtown across the bay in oakland 71 degrees so mild today. >> reporter: in the highs will max out and 80 degree mark that will be gorgeous but since i will hold onto a nice smile for can't pry into the wee ian put 242 down to traffic. >> reporter: heading into san francisco the good news is we have not had any major crashes the bad news lice are on it is slowly stretching west about 80 is backing up you're looking at maybe 25 minutes from the foot of the maze to downtown 39 minutes and that because it is
6:47 am
still moving well on the bridge. on the right-hand side of your screen come from a work heading toward foster city without any crashes that is good news it is nice and smooth to you have to make that trip so far nothing to worry about switching over to the traffic map. spotty back at the 238 split coming out of san leandro. pretty much the same for the southbound ride it should open the ride around. when you come off the down barton inseverable is 101 looks good. >> reporter: 2 different on the
6:48 am
cover lead to prostitution arrest and massage parlors that daly city. what a massage parlor employee offered an undercover cop. to get them arrested that is all our website at bay area news. >> reporter: arizona lawman axa billy gave her wedding ring away to trip a traders on friday night and now she is desperate to find and we have more on this story. >> reporter: it turns out that people go to red lobster seafood the struggling chain announced they are ditching the non seafood items that were added over the years find out more about the decisions and the many reverse all our web site at kron 4 that come. >> reporter: their response to
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the area of 28 avenue at around 2 yes to the national solid was moved into a house a pesticide use to control a variety of things. people were hospitalized. they cleared up the area by 5:00 p.m.. >> reporter: rams intown taking all the forty-niners. after he scrambled and scored a touchdown and 27 yd score. rams quarterback walks into the end zone untouched here. in the rams had a field wall 13 to 10. eight times in this game as the niners
6:50 am
off this of line he from the ball and then loses its right at the goal line with two seconds left that would have won the game. >> reporter: after a slow start look at oakland and how he pushed the pile. the raiders were late in the fourth quarter. one last chance for graders tried the onside kick and nearly get the ball back. seattle held on for seconds. 14 straight
6:51 am
losses for the raiders. >> reporter: if you want to relive the wonderful world series championship party that the giants had on friday joined kron 4 we have the encore presentation with highlights of the parade and celebration. and our long look back at the best moments in that speech is right here at kron 4 at 7:00 p.m.. >> reporter: chris rock is controversial on saddest day and night life. leading no talk off the table like boston marathon bombing. you finally get to the finish line as someone's claims run
6:52 am
getting mixed reviews all twitter and others like rolling stone he performed at a medley of songs of his album. yes johnny depp is walking out he is playing guitar on a 90 it beautiful people. it was a battle for the no. 1 spot. reggae and about 9.1 million. >> reporter: he successfully completed to sky scraper the third five-year a first walk to the top of the building right
6:53 am
across the chicago river. is call the windy city because the politicians not because of the weather. >> reporter: no net no harness blindfolded he has done high wire box >> reporter: that behavior for a dad who still standing with his kid on halloween. >> reporter: will have more on
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the story ahead of gas prices dropping. the story ahead of gas prices dropping. ♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins!
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>> reporter: will come back here is trending also some media we have a reaction over the weekend another hot fall going on around. and dad and his kid stealing candy on halloween night all caught on video now on viral. a man leaves candy in the neighborhood what he takes his nature to treating he called the father and two daughters telling tandy. the dad and his two daughters decided to go at it and take all of the candy and now the guy posted it on his page. more to come after the
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>> reporter: fire investigators will have to find out if the fire year was caused by a man who walk by a few hours ago all have the rest of the details coming up in a live report. >> reporter: a halloween party turned deadly. >> reporter: a chilly morning will have your work week forecast ahead. >> reporter: good morning it looks beautiful today is off to a


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